Our business covers a wide range of logistics business and we operate under the various permission.
Rightly, there is a large variety of laws relating to it if a business ranges widely.
We recognize that legal compliance is a responsibility as a company and a major premise of our business continuity.
      In other words, there is a serious risk for company continuity in legal compliance.
We continue to manage risks organizationally as the biggest challenge we should address.
     Also, we respond correctly frequent revision of related laws and
strengthen compliance system.
Moreover, for the thoroughness of legal compliance, we set up a compliance committee and work in cooperation with Audit office.

     Each business in our group business is mainly the handling and the transportation of heavy load, so we engage in business with facing various risks.
     Recognizing that all the things (ensuring customer confidences, expanding business, pursuing profits, contribution to community and happiness of employee) are rest on a foundation of the safety, we work on our business by considering security and safety the highest priority.
     For no accidents, we focus on developing the environment and educational activities of safety management system and enhance the sense of safety among all employees.
     In Tsurumaru Shipping, for securing safety of each business (head office function, land, maritime and port) we build safety management system spreading over the company by setting up a safety officer at each office and a general safety and health manager (the president) at the top.
We attained the G mark that is the certification mark only awarded to those businesses recognized as having excellent safety standards by Japan Trucking Association.

ydesignated officez
Kokura Office of Multimodal Transportation Dept.
(Jan. 2006)
Kanda Office of Logistics Dept.
(Jan. 2013)

     We perform the activities that emphasize the reduction of carbon dioxide emission especially related with operating of ships and the prevention of sea pollution taking into account the fact that our main businesses are shipping, motor truck transportation and port transportation business.
     These efforts to reduce negative effects on the environment are highly rated and we attain the certification of Eco-Action 21 recommended by Ministry of the Environment.

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