@@@The economic power of Japan comes from its manufacturing industry which combines traditional Japanese professional work with the latest technology. This has been acknowledged by the fact that Japanese manufacturing standards are adopted as the benchmark around the world.
@@@Tsurumaru Shipping is a logistics company in Japan, trusted by many Japanese major manufacturers to have their products transported professionally in Japan and overseas.We have pride in our transporting method and we do our best to assist our clients by conducting job with responsibility. This is basic principle of our company towards our logistics.

1D    We pursue own profit, carry out the independent management policy and act to develop and expand our business.
2D    We contribute to our employees, stockholders and customers and widely serve the society through our business.
3D    We create a recession-proof company and widely serve the society for the company of long standings.

     We celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of our company in 2011 thanks to your support.
We started "Challenge 100", which is the company activities for coming 100th anniversary, and actively work on challenge 100 under our goals, "company that is strong", "company that keeps developing" and "company that we pride."
     For continued further growth through these activities, we address theses challenges below as our main missions.
1.   Provision of logistics service responding consignor's needs
2.   Fundamental reform of cost structure
3.   Systematic international human resource development for the expansion of overseas business
4.   Organizational risk management and strengthening compliance
5.   Thoroughness of safety without accidents

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